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250ml Dokha Tobacco


250ml Dokha tobacco caters for those customers who would like to purchase Dokha in larger quantities.  There is an added bonus here, as we are able to reward you with a reduced price compared to the single 50ml bottles!

Enjoy Dokha introduced the 250ml (70g) bottle at our customers’ request. Our customers, however, suggested we put the Dokha into smaller bottles as that was the easiest way to handle such a large quantity of tobacco – we did just that by providing the 250ml Large Dokha quantity broken down into five smaller bottles containing 50ml.

This is also advantageous as it allows the user to open one bottle at a time thus maintaining the freshness of the remaining Dokha.

Dokha blends available in the 250ml Dokha tobacco category are as follows:

Hot Dokha 

Enjoy Dokha RED, Achillies, Haar, and VOD

Medium Hot Dokha

Ayub and Bushab

Medium Dokha 

Enjoy Dokha GOLD, CLS, G55, Saffra, Mehriz, Yusuf and Farsan

Premium Medium Dokha

Mister, Maya, Sultan, Felisa and G65

Light/Cold Dokha 

Enjoy Dokha BLUE, Shahi, Yousef Rida Cold

There is a also a ‘Mix & Match’ option in this category.  When you choose this option you have the ability to decide the blends you would like to have.  There are exceptions however:

Fadayee Dokha, Yousef Rida Blue 50/Gold 50/Silver 50/Green 50, Yousef Rida Black Half Half/White, Max Time and Bin Khumery Trex Dokha.

The great thing here is that you get the 250ml Dokha tobacco bulk discount with a variety of blends.

We offer Next Day delivery for orders placed BEFORE 3pm Monday – Thursday.  If you order on Friday/Saturday or Sunday your order will be dispatched on the following Monday and be delivered on Tuesday.