A Guide To Dokha Tobacco

For centuries, many people have enjoyed the taste of tobacco. Whether smoked through a pipe, or in cigarette or chewable form, tobacco is now readily available from all over the world, with different varieties of tobacco offering a different flavour experience and quality. With so much tobacco available at our fingertips, it can seem impossible to find a high quality, organic blend of tobacco that doesn’t compromise on flavour. Finding high quality tobacco online that has a great taste can be tricky, which is why Enjoy Dokha have done all the hard work for you.

The right tobacco for you is out there, it just takes a little bit of soul searching. Dokha tobacco has a history as unique as its flavour, and we’ve delved a little deeper into the characteristics below. The more you know about the tobacco you’re smoking, the better the smoking experience will be. No matter if you are an experienced Dokha tobacco smoker, want to find a higher quality tobacco alternative, or simply want to brush up on your tobacco knowledge, we’ve created this guide to Dokha tobacco to answer any questions you have.

What is Dokha?

Dokha tobacco is a dry Arabian tobacco popular in the Middle East, which has grown in popularity in Western countries due to its distinctive flavour and texture.

History of Dokha tobacco

The history of Dokha tobacco stretches as far back as the 15th Century, where it originated in Iran. An extremely popular tobacco choice in the Middle East and beyond, more and more countries are aware of Dokha. Although it isn’t a tobacco substitute, Dokha offers a more refined smoking experience.

What makes Dokha tobacco different?

The difference between Dokha tobacco and other tobacco on the market lies in the way it is grown and looked after.

It is typically grown in mountainous regions of the United Arab Emirates, with manually maintained irrigation systems. These irrigation systems only use fresh water, with the crops tended to by local farmers. They are harvested with knowledge and care, which ensures there are no additives or chemicals added to the tobacco in the growing process. Rather, this process, coupled with the dry arid conditions of the UAE desert enhance the flavour of Dokha tobacco. The origins of its distinctive taste lies in the way it is grown and harvested.

Note: This usually means that the natural green flavour of the tobacco is not lost. This can throw some people off, but it is actually a good thing!

Once it is grown, it is dried in the arid and dry desert air.

In the case of Enjoy Dokha tobacco, at this point we let nature do its stuff. The tobacco is not tampered with, as it is hung up and left to dry naturally. This process helps give Dokha its distinctive pure and tender taste. It is then finely ground, a process that takes time and precision. This gentle handling of the product ensures that the finely grounded tobacco is still packed with organic flavour. The natural taste is maintained, and this is where Dokha differs from other tobacco products out there. Less processing means a more natural, refined product. This in turn, gives Dokha tobacco an organic, deeper flavour that is sometimes lost in the harvesting process due to harsh chemicals that
are added.

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Why choose Dokha tobacco?

The absence of chemicals through the process not only ensures a better, high quality, organic flavour, but also gives Dokha tobacco a longer shelf life. This comes in handy for those who wish to purchase large amounts of Dokha tobacco without losing out on flavour or smoking experience.  Another feature of Dokha tobacco is its odourless smoking experience. For those conscious of the nasty smell that smoking tobacco sometimes creates, Dokha tobacco would be a good choice. Dokha tobacco, unlike many Western tobaccos, leaves no residual smell.  Whether you’re worried about your clothing, breath, hair, car, or other non-smokers, you don’t need to be with Dokha.  The nature of the growing process and the lack of chemicals ensures the tobacco has a better reaction to being lit, thus creating a more enjoyable (and odourless) experience. What’s more, Dokha is totally free from pesticides, herbicides dyes or other flavourings. The net product is simply untainted, unaltered tobacco in its most natural form. Enjoy Dokha believes this is how tobacco should be

It’s still tobacco!

Now, we don’t promise that smoking any type of tobacco is good for you; it is still tobacco. We don’t claim that smoking tobacco is good for your health; rather, Enjoy Dokha tobacco aim to help people realise that smoking dokha tobacco is more of an exclusive and enjoyable experience.

While we’re on the subject…

Statistically speaking, those who exclusively smoke Dokha tobacco do in fact, consume less tobacco compared to when smoking regular tobacco.

Dokha tobacco smokers physically smoke less tobacco- in direct comparison, approximately 1.4 to 1.9 grams of tobacco contained within a cigarette versus 0.13 to 0.15 grams per smoke with Dokha.  But don’t confuse this with us stating it is a healthy alternative. Those who smoke tobacco are aware of what is involved, but those that enjoy Dokha tobacco can at least be assured of a tobacco product of the finest quality.

How Dokha tobacco can be smoked

Dokha tobacco is traditionally enjoyed when smoked with a Medwakh (midwakh) pipe. This dokha pipe is of Arabian origin and is smaller in size compared to Western counterparts. The fine blend of Dokha tobacco is not mixed with any other leafs, bark or herbs before being smoked – something that is commonly mistaken.  Medwakhs are particularly popular in the UAE this is where they are traditionally smoked.  Dokha is best recommended pure with no flavours or additives,

Medwakh pipes are often custom made, as this allows customers to design bespoke pipes of their own creation so they can enjoy smoking Dokha the right way for them. Materials used to create Medwakh pipes include wood, bone, marble, plastic glass or various metals such as steel, gold, and silver. The size of these pipes make them an easily transportable option for those who wish to smoke on the move.

Not sure what pipe might suit you? Don’t worry, as we have over 30 different designs and styles right here to choose from. Find them here.

Good to know: The filtered Medwakh pipe ensures that the amount of tar entering the lungs is reduced compared to most tobaccos. However, you are still smoking tobacco! Enjoy Dokha don’t pretend to offer a healthy alternative, rather a more enjoyable, exclusive taste and tobacco smoking experience.

Different blends of Dokha tobacco

Dokha tobacco from Enjoy Dokha traditionally comes in 3 different strengths; light, medium and hot.

Light Dokha blend: Offering a smooth inhale and a light buzz. Light Dokha is a good choice for beginners.

Medium Dokha blend: Offering an intense but relaxing buzz, opt for Medium Dokha for a more elongated, authentic smoking experience.

Hot Dokha blend: For seasoned smokers, a hot dokha blend delivers a rush of heat and a stronger buzz packed with flavour.

Where to get Dokha tobacco from?

The experts at Enjoy Dokha are more than happy to talk you through the options available on our website that you can easily find out more about. Choosing the right tobacco can be confusing but it doesn’t have to be.

With an extensive range of Dokha tobacco including premium blends, light, medium and hot, Enjoy Dokha will have the right blend for you. Check out our product range at our Dokha shop to find out more.

Top tip: To enjoy Dokha the best possible way, check out our Dokha smoking accessories. This includes good quality lighters, Medwakh pipes of different materials, handy starter kits,
additional filters and so on. Not sure where to start? Get inspired by heading to our online accessories range.

What to expect from smoking Dokha tobacco

When smoking Dokha tobacco, you should expect a similar sensation to smoking any tobacco. A natural ‘buzz’ feeling will be enjoyed for around 30 seconds, depending on how tolerant you are to nicotine. Similar to how espresso coffee gives you a concentrated and intense buzz, Dokha tobacco works in the same way.

Where to buy Dokha tobacco

For authentic, high quality tobacco, it is best to source Dokha tobacco from stores in the UK which stock from its country of origin. This is, in a sense, its ‘USP’; an unaltered, unchanged growing and harvesting process that has stood the test of time. Looked after and farmed by knowledgeable local growers, the product is cared for and nurtured from initial planting to the packaging process. Reputable suppliers like us can offer a quality and taste guarantee, which is often lost when people opt for a similar tobacco alternative from the UK or US, for instance.

Depending on your tolerance and the amount you smoke, you can find bottles of Dokha tobacco online offering various tobacco strengths. You can find appropriate amounts of tobacco in a flavour that suits your smoking habits and preferences. Here at Enjoy Dokha, we stock 25ml, 50ml and 250ml bottles (in handy and manageable 50ml bottles). Check out our range today.

Good to know:  The average smoker can expect to enjoy around 100-120 smokes per 50ml of Dokha tobacco. This can help with ordering online, as it may be advised to order a larger amount to last longer.

Is Dokha tobacco legal?

Let’s clear this up straight away! Dokha is completely legal as it is made from pure tobacco and nothing else. As it exclusively originates from one part of the world, some may think it is illegal in some countries. Similarly, its colour may throw people off, however; it will always be sent in its pure and most natural form. That is how the tobacco is grown, and that is how it should be enjoyed.  We’re experts in Dokha tobacco, so we know not to touch chemicals in the process. The result is increased shelf life and a more enjoyable smoking experience every single time.

More questions? Contact us today and we’ll be able to answer any more questions you have.
Otherwise, you are now clued up on Dokha tobacco and why it is a popular choice around the world.