Buzz Chart: Which Dokha blend is best for me?

Which Dokha blend is best for me?  The Enjoy Dokha Buzz Chart has you covered!

Buzz Chart: Which Dokha blend is best for me. There are many, many different Dokha blends to choose from so when you find one you enjoy, it’s very likely you will stick with that Dokha Blend.  Whether you are new to Dokha or you are looking for a new blend to try, you can use the Enjoy Dokha Buzz chart to help you pick the right blend for you!

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Standard Blend Buzz Chart

Premium blend Buzz Chart

If you are a beginner and new to Dokha, then we recommend you try one of the Light Blends on this list.  Once you are used to these lighter blends, then you can experiment more with other Dokha Blends such as Enjoy Dokha Medium.

If on the other hand you are a seasoned Dokha smoker, you will probably be looking for a Medium or Hot blend.  Medium Blends tend to still be quite smooth in your throat on inhale and give the user a satisfying buzz on exhale.  Hot blends tend to be spicy and quite hot to inhale, and again offer an intense feeling on exhale.  The nicotine buzz you experience normally only lasts a few seconds and depending on your tolerance, will feel bigger or smaller.

One thing we all share in common is your first Dokha experience, the anticipation, and the stumbling for a chair moments that made you go wow!

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