Dokha Size Chart

Not sure which size is best for you?

Enjoy Dokha has a range of Arabic Pipe Tobaccos that come in three different sizes.  Use this page to better understand your options and find out which will be best for you.

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25ml bottle of Dokha tobacco from Enjoy Dokha

25ml / 9 gram Dokha

Looking to try a new blend of Arabic pipe tobacco?  Select a bottle of 25ml Dokha and find out which blend is your favourite.  You can even mix and match your top five Pipe tobaccos by selecting the Mix ‘n’ match product here!

50ml bottle of Dokha tobacco from Enjoy Dokha

50ml / 14 gram Dokha

A 50ml bottle of Dokha is the most traditional size for this Pipe Tobacco, something that’s been available since day one.  Each bottle contains roughly 100 bowls of your Medwakh pipe yet compact enough to fit in your pocket!

250ml bottle of Dokha tobacco from Enjoy Dokha square

250ml / 70 gram Dokha

Found your favourite Dokha tobacco blend?  Save money on a bulk purchase with our 250ml Arabic pipe tobacco blends.  This option gives you the equivalent of 1 x 50ml bottle for free.

Dokha Size Chart with measurments

Dokha Size Chart - Enjoy Dokha