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Dubai Dokha Blends

25ml Dokha Tobacco

25ml CLS Dokha


50ml Dokha Tobacco

Bushab Dokha – 50ml / 14g


Welcome to our selection of Dubai Dokha Blends.

When we talk about Dubai Dokha Blends, we mean that these blends come to you direct from the farms around  Fujairah, Al Ain, Abu-Dhabi where the tobacco plants are grown in the mountainous regions.  The tobacco plants grow slower in the cool of the evenings, however, once the sun comes up they grow vigorously and generally in these conditions the farmers can have rotating crops simply because of the specialist irrigation techniques employed.  The small farms harvest in a timely manner and allow the tobacco plants to dry in the arid desert sun.

Some of the land that the Dokha tobacco plants are grown on have been passed down the generations.  More recently, with investment in those farms, the farmers have been able to diversify their crops to sustain their family’s livelihoods.

All of our Dubai blends are quality checked and hand picked for your satisfaction.

Here are some of the names of our Dubai Dokha Blends:  Farsan, G65, Felisa, Haar, Mehriz, Shahi and Sultan.

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