Dokha & Medwakh Pipes in London, the UK & Worldwide


You can now Buy Dokha and Medwakh Pipes online across London, United Kingdom and the World.  We send all of our orders 1st class recorded not only for the security of your order, but for the speed of your delivery.  We know that a day without Dokha is a bad day, so we aim to get it to your door step with in 1 working day.  We are as passionate about Dokha as you are!  We have gone out to various countries around the world to source the finest blends, Medwakh’s and Smoking Accessories.  Our aim is make Dokha accessible in the UK and internationally so you don’t have to worry about where your supply is coming from.  All of our blends are regularly enjoyed by our team, so if your new to smoking Dokha, please don’t hesitate to Contact Us!  Ask us for our advice on which blend will be best for you? Or browse through our About pages to learn more.

Dokha is 100% pure additive free tobacco which is smoked through a Medwakh Pipe. Buy Dokha in the UK, London and Worldwide.  Enjoy Dokha works closely with many providers around the world to secure the highest possible Dokha blends.  You can call us direct on 07825 333 181, contact us through our Facebook Page, Instagram pageTwitter page or Google + Page.

New to Dokha? This is why we believe you’ll love Dokha.


Dokha is like no other tobacco you have ever smoked before, it is a true smoking experience.

Buzz – Dokha tobaccos are a very pure form of tobacco and the buzz you get from smoking dokha is very satisfying and unlike anything else.

Quick and easy – You do not have to stand in the cold for a long time unlike cigarettes, cigars.  It takes about thirty seconds to fill your medwakh, smoke it, and have that special buzz running through your body before you are carrying on with your day!

Smoke where ever you want – Your car, house, clothes and breath will not reek of tobacco! The smoke does not cling to materials nor does it have the distinct and often unpleasant odor of other tobaccos – this makes it convenient when trying to conceal your ‘in between’ hits during the day.

Cost to you – Cigarettes, Cigars and other forms of tobacco are constantly rising in price far higher than Dokha.  Now you can enjoy a more premium product, and save some money in the process with dokha as an alternative.  We have intensely calculated the average number of smokes available in one container of dokha with ranging medwakh bowl sizes.  With one standard bottle of dokha, you can expect to smoke between 100 and 115 times.

Stand out from the crowd – With out fail, your medwakh will be an interesting conversation starter amongst your friends and others around you.  There’s nothing more funny watching a friend try Dokha for the first time!


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