Enjoy Dokha’s Store Locator and Retail Network to buy Dokha in the UK

Enjoy Dokha’s Store Locator and Retail Network to buy Dokha in the UK

Enjoy Dokha was founded and is run by Dokha enthusiasts: we enjoy Dokha, and we consider it our mission to share that enjoyment as widely as we can. The main way we do this is currently through online retail: offering Dokha for online sale worldwide, we’re committed to making the authentic, organic Arabic tobacco globally available. With next day delivery in the UK and delivery within 3 days to anywhere in the world, you don’t even have to wait to enjoy that distinctive Dokha buzz!

There’s more to Enjoy Dokha than our website, however. As we continually work to expand our enjoy dokha retail network, there are now over 30 stockists selling Enjoy Dokha products in the UK alone, as well as Greece and Egypt. Simply pop your postcode into our store locator to discover your nearest Dokha stockist: in the UK, we’ve got our products in places as diverse as Edinburgh, Manchester, Cardiff, London, Brighton, Oxford and Exeter – and a whole lot of others in between.

Before Enjoy Dokha, many Dokha enthusiasts in the UK were reliant on friends and relatives visiting the Middle East: now, not satisfied with making Dokha truly worldwide, we want our fellow Dokha lovers to be able to enjoy the choice and personal service that comes with visiting your high street tobacconist.* Dokha can, and should, be a personal experience: what better way to start the process than by buying locally?

Enjoy Dokha will always go the extra mile for our customers, and we’re proud to say that now includes giving you options for how and where you buy your Dokha. Order from our website, use our handy store locator or have a chat with your local tobacconist; but however you get it, make sure to Enjoy Dokha.



*If you’re a retailer who’d be interested in stocking Enjoy Dokha products, check out our wholesale page.

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