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Hot Dokha tobacco category is for Hot and over warm Dokha blends. You can find all of the Hot and over warm Dokha blends that Enjoy Dokha supply in this section of our web site.

Hot is simply hot but is sometimes expressed as ‘RED’, however, they are exactly the same.    Due to Legal Regulation locally, we are now branding our Enjoy Dokha Hot blend as Enjoy Dokha RED. We have other blends in this category produced by Enjoy Dokha, Bin Khumery, Yousef Rida, Abu Mohammed/Fadayee  and Max Time.  Whichever blend you choose you will be sure to experience that relaxing feeling and pleasant tobacco flavour.

Typically, the tobacco plants used in the production of the hot blends that Enjoy Dokha sell are grown on plateau fields in mountainous regions in the UAE where complex irrigation systems are deployed and controlled manually.  Without these irrigation systems the plants would die as the region is essentially arid desert.

The plants are tendered by local farmers, with good knowledge of the care and attention that these delicate, high yielding tobacco plants require.  The air is very clean as the plants are grown at high altitude and with large amounts of daylight sun the plants grow very quickly.

The leaves used for the production of Hot Dokha blends are usually taken from the tender regular top leaves of the plant.  These leaves are lush in colour and texture and it is our contention that all Dokha should have that natural green to brownish colouration.

Hot Dokha blends are primarily the preserve of the experienced Dokha smoker.  It is harsher on the throat and therefore we don’t recommend these blends to beginners.  Hot Dokha tobacco smokers will tell you however, that when they started smoking, they tried the ‘light’ blends first. The light blends are just as satisfying to most people as the medium or hot blends and some people have actually chosen to stay with the original blend they started with.  It is very much a personal choice….

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