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Loupolus Pipes

Medwakh pipes hand crafted by Loupolus

Loupolus Medwakh pipes are now available in the United Kingdom.  Hand made in Europe specifically Germany by Heiko Loutchan, a master craftsman when it comes to high quality tobacco pipes.

In our hectic times, people who put time aside for their passions are very special indeed. The enjoyment of a lovely pipe and the delightful flavour of exquisite pipe tobacco are passions that bring people together all over the world. 

“Not one pipe for everyone, but everyone have his own”  Loupolus Pipes deals with the production of traditional Arabian Medwakh pipes.  These are made by hand and use conventional techniques exclusively in Germany.  Loupolus tobacco pipes are not mass produced, rather, each piece is planned with love and care poured into the production process.

The highest quality medwakh pipes can be guaranteed simply because the materials used in production are of the highest standard.  Although many materials can be used in the building of a tobacco pipe, food grade aluminium has been selected for these beautiful limited edition pipes for safety as well as to not change these taste of your Dokha.

A philosophy for those who look beyond their own nose, and their own pipe. Contemplative, relaxed, and communicative, pipe lovers are a welcome addition to their surroundings and active participants in everyday events. Individual and imaginative, pipe smokers have their own special style. The best quality and a commitment to the interests of passionate pipe lovers will continue to be the drive for the pipe manufacture in the future.