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Medium Dokha Tobacco

25ml Dokha Tobacco

25ml ED Gold Dokha


50ml Dokha Tobacco

ED Gold – 50ml / 14g


The Medium Dokha category will offer you access to our extensive range of medium strength tender leaf Arabic tobacco called Dokha.  All individually chosen for our discerning customers for flavour and experience.

Medium Dokha is made from a mixture of the middle and top leaves of the tobacco plants.  Sometimes referred to as Nicotiana, the tobacco plant leaves are dried naturally in the warm desert air by farmers who have generations of experience in the cultivation and harvesting of this high yielding tobacco plant.  Once the tobacco plants have been harvested the Master Mixer will blend the leaves to provide a satisfying smoke.

In this category we have popular blends such as:

Enjoy Dokha Blends: Gold, Maya, Farsan, Felisa, G65, Mehriz, Sultan, Saffra, Ameeri and Yusuf.

Max Time: Gold and Yellow

Abu Mohammed: SP50, SP60,

Yousef Rida:  Blue 50, Gold 50, Silver 50 Green 50 and Black Half Half .

Trex: XO, X1, X2, X3 and XT.

Fadayee: Gold, Premium, Black, Blue and Pink

We also offer Medium Dokha Starter Kits

Our Medium Dokha Starter Kits have been created to give you everything you need to get started smoking Medium Dokha for an excellent price. All neatly kept inside a pouch so you can carry it with you easily. Enjoy Dokha’s Medium Starter Kits come in TWO sizes, 25ml (9g) or 50ml (14g).  Each kit includes whichever size bottle you order of Medium Dokha, a Medwakh Pipe, filters, pipe cleaners and a pouch as standard.

Under the individual product listing we go into more depth on that particular product.

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