Overview of Dokha (Arabic Tobacco)

Overview of Dokha (Arabic Tobacco)

Dokha is a natural and pure Arabic tobacco.  Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region from which it came from. It’s finely ground in a timely delicate manner to preserve the content of the tobacco, its strength, freshness and pure flavour.

Dokha tobacco, essentially, is unaltered and maintains the green colouration of the natural plant.  Blends are typically classified into cold Dokha, warm Dokha or hot Dokha.

Smoking Dokha is a rising trend in the United Kingdom and its popularity is growing amongst young adults with full time careers or studying at University.

Dokha originated in Gilaki which is located in modern-day Iran, where it was primarily used by sailors. Over the years, the smoking of Dokha was banned which surprisingly led to its rising popularity, especially in the Middle East!

If you are a frequent smoker of cigarettes, you should try smoking Dokha. It is commonly smoked through a Medwakh wooden pipe which can be purchased along with the Dokha.

Advantages of Smoking Dokha

One bowl of Dokha is the equivalent of about six cigarettes so you have to take it slow, however there are reasons why you should consider smoking Dokha rather than cigarettes….

  • Dokha has a unique ‘buzz’ which smokers find satisfying and relaxing. Most university students smoke Dokha to relieve stress around exam time…..
  • The smoke produced from Dokha does not leave any unpleasant odour on your clothes which makes it easy to smoke anywhere the law allows!
  • Dokha is highly economical when compared to cigarettes and other tobacco-related substances.  One 50ml (14g) bottle holds about 150 smokes in a standard Medwakh pipe.
  • Enjoy Dokha premium Dokha packages are very affordable and will leave you wanting more!
  • Dokha does not contain any additives and is a more pure smoking experience, compared to smoking cigarettes.

Effects of Smoking Dokha

The first time you smoke Dokha you will most certainly experience a dizzy feeling or ‘buzz’.  Therefore, it is essential not to rush smoking Dokha, just take it slow and enjoy the moment, however, we would advise that you do not operate machinery or drive any vehicle if you are feeling dizzy.

Smoking Dokha can cause the same sensation as laughing, which has been shown to be pleasant to most users!


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