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Periodically we have new products to add to the range of Enjoy Dokha offerings.

Over the past year we have introduced several new premium Dokha products such as SP50 and SP60.  G65 and NDD have also proved popular.

Whether it’s new Dokha blends or new Midwakh pipe designs – if they are ‘new products’ then they will appear in this section.

New Products encompasses everything to do with Enjoy Dokha business.  The product could be a new pouch design or new filter types.

You may click on this category and there may not be any products on show – that’s simply because we may have either incorporated them into the main body of our web site or there are simply no new products available at the particular time you are looking at this category.

Don’t worry, we are always looking out for  ‘something new and special’ that our customers might like us to bring to the UK market – so watch this space!

We are in the process of developing an extensive range of CBD products with our sister company Enjoy CBD to bring to Enjoy Dokha customers.

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