If you’re worried about what the cost of smoking is having on your finances, you can use our smoking calculator below to work out how much you would save by switching to Dokha. If you’re a smoker who smokes 10 cigarettes a day, you’ll save nearly £1000 per year if you switch completely to Enjoy Dokha.*

A 50ml / 14 gram bottle of Medium Dokha tobacco averagely lasts 120 smokes of your medwakh pipe.  At RRP £21 a bottle, Enjoy Dokha are now less than half the price of an average pack of cigarettes.*

*Assumes average price of cigarettes at £10.77 per pack that gives you 20 cigarette smoking experiences compared to a bottle of Dokha giving you 120.  Source: ONS dataset. Average price – Cigarettes 20 king size filter, 2019.