How To Smoke Dokha?

How To Smoke Dokha?

Our guide on How to smoke Dokha will show you everything you need to ensure you Smoke Dokha in the best, most rewarding way!

Let’s face it, most of us smoke dokha for that unique feeling it gives us, also known as ‘the buzz’! If you want to know how to smoke dokha for the maximum buzz, here’s how I do it, drawing on 10 years of experience.


It is always good for beginners to sit down for their first few dokha sessions. Some blends pack a big punch, and I have seen people drop like bags of rice to the floor! So, please, sit down to smoke the first few times. Also, just like smoking hookah, it’s a good idea to stay hydrated. Have a glass of your favorite beverage, adult or otherwise, close at hand. Okay, now we are ready to smoke some dokha!

First, don’t screw around, pack the bowl! Fill it and tamp it down, at least three times. You’ll pack the pipe a little differently for the different blends, but that is how I do it for the extra chopped ones like the Indihash and Wasat. If it won’t stay lit, or if you can’t draw through it, then it’s packed too tight, but that’s about the only limitation. Breathe out deep, and light the bowl and inhale normally. Hold it for about 5 seconds, and take a second hit without exhaling the first. Hold another 4 or 5 seconds, and hit it a third time still not exhaling, drawing in as much as you can hold. Hold it as long as you can, then exhale it all. You are now experiencing the dokha buzz!