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25ml Dokha Tobacco

25ml ED Gold Dokha


25ml Dokha Tobacco

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ED Gold – 50ml / 14g


50ml Dokha Tobacco

ED Red – 50ml / 14g


In this category you will find our full range of Dokha tobacco across all the blends and brands including our house blends – Authentic Dokha From the UAE.

Enjoy Dokha house blends come in three sizes.  The smallest of these is our 25ml / 9g bottle, followed by our 50ml / 14g bottle.  Enjoy Dokha introduced the 250ml / 70g bottle at our customers’ request. Our customers, however, suggested we put the Dokha into smaller bottles as that was the easiest way to handle such a large quantity of tobacco – we did just that by providing the 250ml quantity broken down into five smaller bottles containing 50ml.

For those who are new to Dokha and are interested in trying some, we offer a range of Starter Kits and Sample Bags.  Starter Kits contain everything you will need to start smoking our tender leaf Arabic tobacco.  There are TWO different Starter Kit sizes. We have the 25ml / 9g Starter Kit or the 50ml / 14g Starter Kit.  Each Kit includes either a 25ml or a 50ml bottle of our house blends, Medwakh pipe together with pipe cleaners, filters and faux leather pouch.  Some kits also include sample bags with Dokha of your choice, this allows you to sample a variety of blends to help you find the one that is right for you.

Dokha essentially falls into three categories, Hot, Medium (Warm), Light (Cold).

Our house blends come in Red (hot), Gold (medium) and Blue (cold).  We work directly with the farms to ensure we get a quality product that maintains the same standard throughout the year.  As there are no middlemen, we can offer our house blends at competitive prices for the benefit of our customers.  Please read some of the testimonials we receive to see what products our customers enjoy the most.

As well as Enjoy Dokha ‘House Blends’ we carry a small select number of specialist brands to cater for our customers with a discerning palate.  These brands are Yousef Rida,  Max Time, Bin Khumery and Fadayee/Abu Mohammed.  Each of these brands has a variety of blends within their range.

The following are the most popular in each brand:

  • Enjoy Dokha Gold, Red, Maya, Felisa, Saffra, Achilles
  • Yousef Rida Blue 50, Gold 50, Silver 50, Black Half Half, Mister
  • Max Time Gold
  • Trex XO, X3
  • Fadayee/Abu Mohamed SP60, Gold 2, Premium 2

Dokha is an Arabian tobacco product, consisting of dried and finely shredded leaves of the tobacco plant.

People smoking this tobacco use a pipe called a Medwakh (sometimes spelt Midwakh).  Smoking Dokha in a Medwakh only requires small amounts of compacted tobacco and leaves minimal lingering smells so can be used more discreetly.  As the Medwakh pipe is used exclusively for smoking Dokha the terms are interchangeable.

Arabic tobacco maintains the natural characteristics of the tobacco leaf without the use of preservatives, pesticides, herbicides or additives that are commonly present in mass-produced western smoking products.  As there is minimal processing from leaf to pipe, Arabic tobacco is essentially unaltered and allows it to maintain the natural plant colouration.  Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha tobacco is not fire cured and cut but dried in the warmth of the desert region in which it is harvested, and it is finely ground to preserve the strength, freshness and flavour of the tobacco.