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Dokha Accessories

Dokha Accessories

Dr Perl Junior 9mm Filters


Dokha Accessories

Fadayee Tips Black


Dokha Accessories

Bio Pipe Filters


Dokha Accessories

Turbo Double Filters Black


Welcome to our Dokha Accessories Range.  Medwakh pipes, 3 in 1 metal pipe cleaners, fabric pipe cleaners, cleaning spray, filters and pouches, all quality checked and hand picked for your satisfaction.

Before deciding on and purchasing any product in this range, feel free to visit our Testimonials Page for peace of mind.


The filters that we sell are all manufactured specifically to fit the range of Medwakh Pipes that we offer on this site.  Most of the filters fall into three variations; cotton filters, silicon filters or a combination of the three.  There is also a number of different styles and colours to choose from which will complement your favourite Medwakh pipe.

The concept of the filter is to cool the smoke and remove moisture and tar generated during the combustion process.  Moisture helps to deliver the flavour of the tender leaf Arabic Dokha tobacco, so why remove it?  Well, the idea is to remove the excessive moisture which can cause gurgling or a build up of moisture that will eventually block the pipe.  All of the filters that Enjoy Dokha sell are designed to help cool the smoke and remove excessive moisture.

The filters come in packs of either 7 or 8 filters, and each filter is good for 8 – 12 dokha smokes.  With the cotton filters, you will notice that over time, the cotton will gradually turn brown.  When it turns dark brown we recommend that you discard it and start again with a fresh new filter so your Medwakh performs effectively.


Enjoy Dokha have produced our own range of pouches in 100% genuine leather and faux leather.  The 100% genuine leather pouches are designed and manufactured to Enjoy Dokha’s specification and are made large enough to comfortably hold a Medwakh pipe, filters, dokha and pipe cleaners, but not too large to fit into a pocket or bag.

These genuine leather pouches are handmade from lovely soft leather skins and have sturdy colour co-ordinated metal zips.  These quality, soft leather pouches are robust in design and if looked after, should last for many years.  They are available in four colours, Ferrari Red, Natural Brown, Cobalt Blue and Black.

Our 100% genuine leather pouches are competitively priced for our discerning Dokha smokers…..

The faux leather pouches offer an economic alternative for someone who is looking for a cheaper option.  Once again, these pouches have been designed and manufactured specifically to Enjoy Dokha’s high standards.  The Faux Leather Pouches are available in three colours; Black, Plum and Brown.


We have researched the market and offer a range of lighters that are suitable for use with a Medwakh pipe and for smoking Dokha.  Our range includes a number of different inexpensive styles to suit most requirements.

Best sellers include the Tor Jet Windproof, which, as the name suggests, will maintain a flame in most weather conditions!  We also have a range of the time honoured classic Clipper lighters which provide budget prices with robust design, many of them being refillable.

For those customers who are looking for something that is a bit more stylish, and has a longer life, then we have a range of Ronson Jet Flame lighters.

For sheer novelty factor, and excellent usability we have the SideKick lighter.  This has a movable flame section allowing the flame to go anywhere between vertical and horizontal!  Amazingly, for a lighter that doesn’t look like a budget lighter, it is refillable!

Cleaning Equipment

We have a selection of cleaning products available from traditional pipe cleaners to a compressed aerosol spray.

Enjoy Dokha fabric pipe cleaners are specifically manufactured for the Medwakh pipes we sell on our web site, and come in packs of 50 units.   If you require a cleaner that has a longer life, the Bristle cleaner is an excellent choice as it can be washed in hot soapy water, dried and re-used.

We also have a multi tool 3 in 1 cleaner that has a variety of tools in a compact design that is easy to carry in your pouch.

Finally, we have the Fadayee Medwakh Cleaning Spray, exclusively available from Enjoy Dokha.  The cleaning spray is high pressure air that will clean your Medwakh pipe as if it were brand new!  The spray will unblock your pipe in seconds, easily removing any deposits that have accumulated.  Please note that Enjoy Dokha cannot send this Fadayee Cleaning Spray overseas due to flight restrictions.

The products in the Dokha Accessories Range are updated regularly, so watch this space to see if more interesting accessories have been added to our web site.

All online purchases are handled through a secure portal – we accept all major credit/debit cards. Just click the “Add to Cart” button then proceed to checkout from the top right of this page.  If you are located outside of the UK, we are pleased to accommodate your order!