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Premium Dokha


Welcome to our Premium Dokha product range. More often than not, these blends are produced from the top and middle leaves of the plant.

Arabic tobacco maintains the natural characteristics of the tobacco leaf without the use of preservatives, pesticides, herbicides or additives that are commonly present in mass-produced western smoking products.  As there is minimal processing from leaf to pipe, Arabic tobacco is essentially unaltered and allows it to maintain the natural plant colouration.  Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha tobacco is not fire cured and cut but dried in the warmth of the desert region in which it is harvested, and it is finely ground to preserve the strength, freshness and flavour of the tobacco.

This equals a richer flavour and stronger buzz. We have hand selected a range of truly premium blends, both from Enjoy Dokha House Blends to our top suppliers and direct from farms around the UAE and the Middle East.

We look for a finer cut – better shredded dokha leaves often means a more compact bowl so it burns smoothly, when smoking through your chosen Medwakh pipe.

Enjoy Dokha house blends, for example, come in three sizes.  The smallest of these is our 25ml / 9g bottle, followed by our 50ml /14g bottle.  Enjoy Dokha introduced the 250ml / 70g bottle at our customers’ request. Our customers, however, suggested we put the Dokha into smaller bottles as that is the easiest way to handle such a large quantity of tobacco – we did just that by providing the 250ml quantity broken down into five smaller bottles containing 50ml.