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Welcome to our selection of Dokha Filters.  This section displays our range of filters for Medwakh pipes.  There are a number of different styles and colours to choose from which will complement your favourite Medwakh pipe.

The filters available are all manufactured specifically to fit the range of Medwakh Pipes that we offer on this site.  Most of the filters fall into three variations; cotton filters, silicon filters or a combination of the three.

The theory behind the filter is to cool the smoke and remove moisture and tar generated during the combustion process.  Moisture helps to deliver the flavour of the tender leaf Arabic Dokha tobacco, so why remove it?  Well, the concept is to remove the excessive moisture which can cause gurgling or a build up of moisture that will eventually block the pipe.  All of the filters that Enjoy Dokha sell are designed to help cool the smoke and remove excessive moisture.

The filters come in packs of either 7 or 8 filters, and each filter is good for 8 – 12 dokha smokes.  With the cotton filters, you will notice that over time, the cotton will gradually turn brown.  When it turns dark brown we recommend that you discard it and start again with a fresh new filter so your Medwakh performs effectively.

All of our filters are quality checked and hand picked for your satisfaction. Before deciding on and purchasing any product, feel free to visit our Testimonials Page for peace of mind when purchasing with Enjoy Dokha.

All online purchases are handled through a secure portal – we accept all major credit/debit cards. Just click the “Add to Cart” button then proceed to checkout from the top right of this page.  If you are located outside of the UK, we are pleased to accommodate your order!