What Is Dokha?

What is Dokha?

Dokha, Medwakhs and their Accessories explained.

What is Dokha? I hear you asking.  Very popular in the Middle East for many decades, Dokha is the pure, natural and original tender Arabic tobacco. Unlike most tobaccos, Dokha is not fire cured and cut, but dried in the arid desert region from which it came. It’s finely ground in a timely delicate manner to preserve the content of the tobacco.  I’ts strength, freshness and pure flavor.

Due to the lesser degree of processing, Dokha tobacco appears essentially unaltered. This allows it to maintain the green coloration of the natural plant. The tobacco, is then carefully blended with herbs and spices make the complex flavors so many have come to adore.

Resultant blends are typically classified into light Dokha, medium Dokha, or hot Dokha.enjoy-dokha-tobacco-fields-2

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In the past, local people of desert regions smoked dokha because it gave them a stimulating and comforting head rush. However, since its origin, the art of cultivating dokha tobacco has come a long way through generations upon generations tending to this crop to reward us with truly superior tobaccos in the present day.

By comparison, most smokers who have ventured to sample dokha are intrigued by its particular quality, the often intense satisfaction it provides to the smoker and the unique flavor versus cigarettes, cigars or other pipe tobaccos. Our customers are comforted to know that dokha tobaccos we provide are pure and natural – of organic crops irrigated with only fresh water. Our dokha tobaccos are free of chemical additives found in most other smoking products. Our customers are also pleasantly surprised to note that smoking dokha does not impart a residual and often foul odor associated with most tobaccos due to the nature in which dokha is both prepared and smoked. Due to health considerations, we have learned, a large number of our customers decide to exclusively smoke dokha as it causes them to physically smoke less tobacco (compare approximately 1.4 to 1.9 grams of tobacco contained within a cigarette versus 0.13 to 0.15 grams per smoke with dokha). Also, with smoking less tobacco through the filtered medwakh pipe, the amount of tar reaching the lungs is further limited when one maintains their same smoking habit. As to NOT mislead you, we are inclined to mention here however, that Enjoy Dokha Ltd does not claim that smoking of any tobacco product is advisable for your health. Its still tobacco.

Dokha is enjoyed with the use of a small, crafted smoking pipe, or medwakh. Originally, hollowed animal bones were used as pipes; however craftsmen also made pipes using different types of exotic wood, among other materials, as a sign of prestige and status. Just as with any smoking device, medwakh are offered in a range of varieties for your individual preference and sense of nostalgia. Consider each medwakh a handcrafted artistry that you will feel proud to own and display as you enjoy your pastime.

We hope the above description clarifies for you what you may have heard about dokha and medwakh as we invite you to try for yourself a remarkably premium tobacco to offer delight to the true connoisseur (or just that wild guy or gal with a taste for enjoyment of life – in all of its forms).

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